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SKULLFACE Kiteboard Design Specifications

Minion #1 Written by Minion #1 Publish 28 August 2012 Read 2888 times
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Hotter the Hell's Kitchen, ...cooler than Hell's Angels.

Hell Boardriders is proud to be designed right here in New Zealand.
We are definitely not mainstream.
Your mamma wont like us... but you will!


 Triple Redwood Heel Side Stringers 

The SKULLFACE Board Features :

  1. Triple Redwood stringers on the heel side
  2. Concave speed base
  3. 100% Paulownia wood core longitudinal stringers

Fittings :

  1. Uber stylish lace up symmetrical footstraps
  2. Raised toe grip
  3. CrashSoft cushion pads

A kick-ass, chop eating, wave carving, big boosting, full on freestyle kiteboard.
Hell graphics all the way. The deck graphic shows off the full precision machined wood core. Complete with triple heel side Redwood stringers.
Yeah we are heavily inspired by 70's muscle car hood pin stripes on the deck for sure.
The BASE graphic is a funky tattoo inspired piece of pop art grunge. Loud and Funky.

Skullface Sizes and Specs..

  • 131cm long x 39cm wide
  • 135cm long x 40cm wide
  • Single concave base
  • Tapered rails
  • Refined flex
  • Euro cut tail shape

$1150 NZD incl 15% GST



Raised Toe Grip & CrashSoft Cushion Pads

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