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Hell Kite 2014 Skull SLE+

Minion #1 Written by Minion #1 Publish 28 October 2012 Read 2659 times
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Hell Kites... New Zealand's own.

The Hell Boardriders 2014 Skull kite.

New Zealand is a Kiters paradise with amazing conditions ready for exploration. And for that you need the right equipment. High quality gear at the right price.

Hell Boardriders  is a 100% NZ brand so it is only right that we bring a kite to the market that meets NZ's wild variety of conditions better than any other. So here it is.. high quality, high performance, surf tough and styling out with our unique graphics. 
Our Skull kite is a standout however you look at it.

We thought 'Hell Yeah' our first kite is pure, simple and has to be BLACK!
All good things come in BLACK & this is no exception.
Silver comic inspired skulls and a splash of red trim finish the job.



Pseudo technical blurb - We realize not all kiters are here just to look at the photos.
So here is a little more detail for the tech readers ...

HELL BoardRiders

Model: 2014 Skull
Our kites are strong, proven and surf tough.
The Skull kite is built for a long life in real riding conditions from industry proven Dacron & Teijin fabrics with Hypalon scuff guards.  
In terms of price, quality and longevity this kite delivers maximum bang for your buck
Absolutely packed full of features, no gimmicky or unnecessary stuff.

  • 5 Struts for maximum performance.
  • One pump inflation point on leading edge.
  • Super short anti wrap bridle.
  • SLE(+) PLUS is a patented innovation on the Supported Leading Edge bridle. Tune it up like a Hot Rod.
  • Variable aspect ratio - Each size is carefully designed not scaled, the aspect ratio varies to enhance handling.
  • Strong leading edge seam and every where else where it really matters.
  • Speed BarTM with push cuff release and snap-lock reset lever, swivel and easy reach trimmer system.
  • 21m or 25m lines & leash






Kite Size Control Bar Line Length *Wind Range Calc
 Skull 7m 53cm Bar 21m 25 to 38 knots
 Skull 9m 53cm Bar 21m 15 to 35 knots
 Skull 12m 53cm Bar 25m 12 to +26 knots
 Skull 15m 63cm Bar 25m 9 to +18 knots

* Wind ranges are a guide only. Exceptional care and skill is required for safe Kiteboarding in all conditions. Calcs based on skilled rider of at least 75kg on a 135x40cm board. Get to know your gear well before pushing to the limits.

RIDER STYLE and the tunable SLE+ feature
The Skull is a great Freeride / Surf kite. Very good in waves, it drifts back very well, can be forgotten and still recovered from the extreme edge of the power zone.
It delivers quick handling, tight turns, big wind range and great upwind ability from a full profile mid aspect shape.
The Skull is also a very good Freestyle / Wake style kite - the fuller profile and mid aspect make it very versatile.
You can have it sitting comfortably back in the window for steady grunt and slow down the turns for solid no whip tricks.
There is great great feedback from the kite, it has moderate bar pressure and you feel the power & life of the kite in the sky. Flick over the SLE+ settings on the front bridle and instantly transform the kite to where you want its handling. Forward for grunt and power / back for upwind and race.


NOT FOR LEARNERS... but don't let that stop you.
This kite is not designed for learners, dreamers, wannab's and tyre kickers. The Skull is one hell of a kite to ride! Clearly there is no real reason why learners shouldn't own one and there is no law stopping anyone from buying one. We just think maybe they should wait until they have some experience so as to appreciate what this kite offers fully first. So learners, please don't be tempted until you are ready to hit the water with the good stuff.



Our Skull kite is designed with a  huge usable wind range.
Made possible by utilizing a fully framed 5 strut layout.
The Skull delivers solid power from the bottom end of its range and is one of those rare kites that lets you continue riding even when the wind pushes in hard.
When it's very depowered you still have good back line tension to steer your kite. Great for maximizing jumps in strong wind.
With a naturally good bottom end and awesome top end, experienced riders will find this kite a real pleasure to ride.




A very versatile kite with a massive appeal to established riders.
Large wind range that will suit to riders looking for the minimum number of kites, ideal for the travel kiter.
Bomber construction and a wicked price.
A real riders kite with an edgy style, clearly targeted towards real riders.
Is that you? We hope so.



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