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Hell Skull Kite 9m

Sales price without tax: $1,160.00
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Hell Boardriders 2014 Skull kite.
New Zealand is a Kiteboarders paradise with amazing conditions ready for exploration. And for that you need the right equipment. High quality performance gear at the right price.

All good things come in BLACK & this is no exception.
Chrome comic inspired skulls and a splash of red trim finish the job.

HELL BoardRiders
Model: 2014 Skull

Our kites are strong, performance proven and surf tough.
The Skull kite is built for a long life in real riding conditions from industry proven Dacron & Teijin fabrics with Hypalon scuff guards.  
In terms of price, quality and longevity this kite delivers maximum bang for your buck
Absolutely packed full of features, no gimmicky or unnecessary stuff.

The kite you are purchasing features:

  • 5 Strut design (maximum performance).
  • One pump inflation point on leading edge.
  • Super short anti wrap bridle.
  • SLE(+) PLUS is a patented innovation on the Supported Leading Edge bridle. Tune it up like a Hot Rod.
  • Variable aspect ratio - Each size is carefully designed not scaled, the aspect ratio varies to enhance handling.
  • Strong leading edge seam and every where else where it really matters.
  • Large Back Pack kite bag and pump.

Optional Extras

  • Speed BarTM with push cuff release and snap-lock reset lever, swivel and easy reach trimmer system.
  • 21m or 25m lines & leash


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